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K Street Files: Both Sides Rev Up for Wage War

Calls to increase the minimum wage by President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress have triggered pre-emptive action on both sides of the debate.

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The Hill: K Street readies for tax reform fight

Washington’s influence industry sees Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) designation of tax reform as H.R. 1 as just the latest sign that the issue will be front-and-center this year. Accordingly, lobbyists are ramping up their outreach to Capitol Hill as lawmakers look to roll back tax breaks and lower rates for the first time since 1986.

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Affordable Care Act Upheld by U. S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court handed President Obama and the supporters of the Affordable Care Act a significant victory today by finding the issue at the center of the law’s structure — the Individual Mandate — was allowable under the Congress’ taxing powers in the Constitution.  The entire decision can be found here.  Below is a quick summary and initial thoughts.

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Real Cause of Current Senate Gridlock

There’s a growing chorus complaining that the Senate is broken, that Republicans are to blame, and that the rules of procedure need to be changed. This argument has any number of flaws, but at its core it relies on a general misrepresentation of how the Senate, and the filibuster in particular, works.

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Venn Launches Strategic Partnership in London

VennSquared Communications and Venn Strategies, LLC have  launched a major strategic partnership with Luther Pendragon, the leading independent public affairs and communications firm headquartered in London.  The partnership will serve as a means of providing additional reach for both VennSquared’s and Venn Strategies’ increasing work on behalf of global interests.

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The Hill: For every tax break, a lobby to fight for it

Lawmakers will have to cross a minefield laid by K Street in order to achieve the kind of comprehensive tax reform that they envision.

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Two Top Washington Strategic Consulting Firms Come Together To Launch Venn2 Communications

Stephanie Silverman, CEO of Venn Strategies, and Michael Meehan, president of Blue Line Strategic Communications announce the launch of VennCommunications, a full service communications and public relations company.

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Venn Strategies Names Two Senior Staff as Principals

Venn Strategies, LLC, a leading public affairs and government relations firm in Washington, DC, today announced that two members of its senior management team have been made Principals.

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Venn Strategies Named by Inc. as One of America’s Fastest–Growing Private Companies

WASHINGTON DC – Venn Strategies, LLC, a leading national government relations and public affairs firm, today announced it has been ranked among the fastest-growing private firms in America by Inc. magazine.

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Venn Strategies Announces New Senior Management Team

WASHINGTON DC – Venn Strategies, LLC, a leading public affairs and government relations firm in Washington, DC, today announced that a newly restructured senior management team will lead clients in its expert advocacy, issue management, coalition management and strategic advisory services.

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National Journal: Reid Aide Joins Venn Strategies

As National Journal reported on Dec. 17, Penny Lee, then a senior adviser to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told colleagues she was leaving Capitol Hill for a job in the private sector, but didn’t name her new employer.

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Roll Call: Lee to Join Venn Strategies

Penny Lee, who until late last year was a top aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), has joined the lobbying and consulting firm Venn Strategies.

Lee, who is considered one of the hot Hill commodities heading to K Street, will be a principal in the firm starting Monday.

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