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Venn Strategies Names Two Senior Staff as Principals

WASHINGTON DC – Venn Strategies, LLC, a leading public affairs and government relations firm in Washington, DC, today announced that two members of its senior management team have been made Principals. Noelle Lundberg and Melissa Bonicelli—who have each previously served as Senior Vice Presidents—will continue to lead clients in the firm’s expert advocacy, issue management, coalition management and strategic advisory services.

“Venn’s clients and expanding team fully recognize Melissa and Noelle’s talents in anticipating and executing effective advocacy strategies in the complex national political environment,” said Stephanie Silverman, Venn’s Chief Executive Officer and founder. “As we continue to grow, they continue to lead our client work and strategic expansion, both in Washington and beyond the beltway.”

For nine years, Lundberg has provided Venn’s clients in-depth expertise in tax policy and legislative strategy for trade association, corporate and coalition clients. Previously, Lundberg served as an associate with a major Washington, DC law firm and as legislative director to former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer (R-TX).

Bonicelli specializes in strategic advocacy and advancing Venn’s corporate, small business and not-for-profit client interests at both the federal and state government levels in the areas of tax policy and financial services, as she has for six years. She previously served as legislative director to former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer (R-TX) and was on the policy staff of the Committee on Ways and Means.

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