Obesity prevention activists praise Kind’s Healthy Choices Act

The Campaign to End Obesity is applauding legislation introduced by House Ways and Means Committee Democrat Ron Kind that includes a wide range of policies that aim to tackle the obesity epidemic. Kind’s Healthy Choices Act aims to improve prevention and treatment opportunities, increase access to physical activities for adults and children, expand nutrition training and realign transportation policies to promote healthier lifestyle, and support research.

“There is no single solution to fixing the nation’s obesity problem,” Kind said in a statement. “Data and science clearly show that obesity adversely affects our nation’s health and security, he adds.

The congressman notes that fighting the obesity epidemic “cannot be a top down approach but will require thoughtful, comprehensive solutions from all sectors of society.”

This legislation is about healthier choices in our schools, in our grocery stores and in our neighborhoods, providing the tools, education, and opportunities to help Americans make the healthy choices that meet the needs of their families. My hope is that the Healthy CHOICES Act can help put us on a sound path in our nation’s battle against obesity.”

Stephanie Silverman, senior advisor to the Campaign’s action fund, said the group is thrilled with the legislation. “Americans recognize that obesity is an urgent health problem facing the nation and they want to see thoughtful, innovative measures to address this health crisis,” she said in a statement. “The Healthy CHOICES Act recognizes what health experts have been advocating – there is no single ‘silver bullet’ to combating the public health epidemic caused by obesity,” she adds.

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