Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Venn

Our Journey

Venn Strategies is a nationally recognized, full-service government affairs and public affairs firm. We are one of the first such national firms founded by a woman – our CEO, Stephanie Silverman. We believe fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment is a fundamental value that drives innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Our dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is woven into the fabric of Venn’s culture; we are committed to creating a workplace where every individual’s background, perspective, and talents are welcomed and celebrated.

We understand that meaningful change requires intentional actions. We are actively implementing a range of initiatives to advance our DEI goals:

Launched a DEI Committee which amplifies the voices of employees from all levels and a range of cultural backgrounds.

Held all-staff retreats with sessions specifically focused on enhancing our DEI knowledge and skill.

Re-doubled our commitment to recruit, retain and support a diverse workforce, with particular emphasis on expanding representation.

Instituted ongoing DEI professional development for all staff, with a focus on our leaders and managers.

We acknowledge that the work that we have done is a part of a longer journey. There is still much to do, to learn, to become. We are committed to that journey, including holding ourselves to high standards of accountability for modeling the inclusive behaviors we espouse.

Our Strategy

Continuing to build on our foundation, we have adopted a DEI Strategy that makes our commitment clear, demonstrable, and measurable. It embeds the principles of DEI into the fabric of everything we do – seamlessly integrating them into the systems, processes and structures that guide and shape our culture and benefits our clients and our community. Using these four pillars to ingrain DEI into all aspects of our business means bringing the fullest benefits and impact to:

1. Our People
Invest in people in ways that attract, develop, retain, and promote talent from a broad variety of identities and backgrounds, so that the most innovative talent is poised to build our future together.

2. Our Culture
Cultivate an environment of authentic inclusion, allowing people, engagement, and service to clients to flourish.

3. Our Work
Ensure that our inclusive approach accelerates progress for our clients, their issues, and our people.

4. Our Brand
Ensure that our commitment to DEI is widely known among our community and among prospective employees.