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POLITICO: Democratic Daylight on Treasury Rules

Business groups that represent multinational corporations, like the Business Roundtable, have gotten a lot of the attention as opposition to those rules has grown. But groups like the S Corporation Association, which represents businesses that aren’t usually associated with earnings stripping, are trying to more loudly make their case that the rules would affect a wide cross-section of companies.

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WALL STREET JOURNAL: Ending the One-Two Corporate Tax Punch

We don’t often agree with President Obama’s chief economist, Jason Furman, but he got it exactly right when he noted earlier this month that the U.S. treatment of international business income is a “stupid territorial tax system.”

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DAILY TAX REPORT: Tax Law Fuels S Corporation Conversions Ahead of Overhaul

Companies have been steering away from the corporate side of the U.S. tax code to be treated more like lower-taxed individuals since the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The tax package Congress passed last week could keep the trend going.

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